Antivirus Module Presentation for PrestaShop

A monitoring Security module for your PrestaShop


Secure your store with the #1 anti-virus for PrestaShop in Real-Time*



Explore the cutting-edge technology of 'Detection of Vulnerable Modules,' designed to enhance your cybersecurity posture. This innovative solution proactively identifies potential security risks in software modules, offering a critical safeguard against cyber threats. By scanning and analyzing modules for vulnerabilities, this tool ensures robust security measures are in place, preventing data breaches and strengthening system integrity. Ideal for developers, IT professionals, and e-merchants, it's an essential tool for maintaining a secure digital environment. Stay ahead of security vulnerabilities with our advanced detection technology.


Discover the power of 'Antivirus-like Scanning' for your PrestaShop, a revolutionary tool that offers robust protection akin to a desktop antivirus. This state-of-the-art solution meticulously scans your store for viruses, trojans, and various other malicious infections, ensuring your digital space remains secure and uncompromised. Tailored for PrestaShop owners and IT security professionals, it acts as a formidable shield against cyber threats, safeguarding your online presence. Keep your website healthy and your data safe with our comprehensive, antivirus-like scanning technology, and enjoy peace of mind in the digital world.




Introducing 'Core File Monitoring,' a highly efficient security solution designed to safeguard the integrity of your digital assets. This advanced system constantly checks for unauthorized changes in core files, providing an essential layer of protection against malicious tampering and cyber threats. Ideal for e-merchants, webmasters, and anyone concerned about digital security, our Core File Monitoring tool ensures that your critical files remain untouched and secure. With real-time alerts and comprehensive monitoring, maintain the utmost security and reliability of your system. Trust our vigilant monitoring service to keep your core files safe and sound, 24/7.




Note: While we refer to our module scanning process as "real-time," please be aware that it occurs at intervals of every 2 hours. This periodic scanning ensures the accuracy and timeliness of our data updates. We strive to provide you with the most current information available within these intervals.